Nit Nem

This phrase consists of two word :

    Nit = Daily
    Nem = Task performed with a major instinct

Most of the Sikh Dharam is under the illusion that 'Nit Nem' instructs us to perform repetitive, ritualised reading of scriptures in the morning, evening and at night. These rituals are regarded as holy and a mandatory rule for all GurSikhs.

However, despite all forms of text searches, the fact still remains that this so-called important ritual ( 'Nit Nem' ) is not mentioned anywhere in the Guru Granth Ji.

It must be pointed out here that the reading of scriptures for the purposes of achieving 'Gian' ( i.e. spiritual knowledge and instruction ) is not in question here. Infact, all reference to, learning from and applying of the Gian from the Guru Granth Ji is unquestionable.

What is in question here is the mysterious term 'Nit Nem', the 'blind beliefs' of performing 'Nit Nem' and the sacrilege of repetitive, daily ritual reading of very highly intricate and most difficult scriptures.

If we are honest for a moment, then we would openly admit that the ritual of doing 'Nit Nem' often results in scriptures being read with more emphasis on "speed reading" ( i.e. race against time constraints ) rather than "through and considerate reading" ( i.e. reading for the sake of learning and understanding ).

Under these conditions it is quite obvious that the time framed ritualised reading serves no purpose apart from the 'self satisfaction' of having "read" the ordained scripture, at the expected time of day, and not feeling guilty of abstaining from 'Nit Nem'.

The interesting fact is that Guru Granth Ji makes many references to :

'Nit' = Daily
'An Din' = Day and Night
'Din Raati' = Day and Night

But not a single reference to 'Nit Nem'.

We can only conclude that the term 'Nit Nem' is an invention of latter day Sikhs and has no significance in the context of the Guru Granth Ji.

The question then arises as to what does the Guru Granth Ji define as the most important 'daily task' ?

] gauVI mhlw 5 ]
kx ibnw jYsy QoQr quKw ] nwm ibhUn sUny sy muKw ] 1 ]
hir hir nwmu jphu inq pRwxI ] nwm ibhUn iDRgu dyh ibgwnI ] 1 ]
( pMnw 192 )

] gauVI mhlw 5 ]
sWiq BeI gur goibid pweI ] qwp pwp ibnsy myry BweI ] 1 ] rhwau ]
rwm nwmu inq rsn bKwn ] ibnsy rog Bey kilAwn ] 1 ]
( pMnw 200 )

] gauVI mhlw 5 ]
piq prvwxu scu nIswxu ] jw kau Awip krih Purmwnu ] 3 ]
Awpy dwqw Awip pRiqpwil ] inq inq nwnk rwm nwmu smwil ] 4 ] 105 ] 174 ]
( pMnw 200 )

] gauVI mhlw 3 ]
nwmu Amolku gurmuiK pwvY ] nwmo syvy nwim shij smwvY ]
AMimRqu nwmu rsnw inq gwvY ] ijs no ikpw kry so hir rsu pwvY ] 1 ]
( pMnw 232 )

Only after a few quotations from the Guru Granth Ji we can safely conclude that the most important 'daily task' is the meditation of Naam.

There are absolutely no instructions, in the Guru Granth Ji, suggesting any form of daily reading of scriptures.

] m 4 ]
siqgur kI vifAweI inq cVY svweI hir kIriq Bgiq inq Awip krwey ]
Anidnu nwmu jphu gurisKhu hir krqw siqguru GrI vswey ]
siqgur kI bwxI siq siq kir jwxhu gurisKhu hir krqw Awip muhhu kFwey ]
( pMnw 308 )

] sloku m 4 ]
ijnw swis igrwis n ivsrY sy pUry purK prDwn ]
krmI siqguru pweIAY Anidnu lgY iDAwnu ]
iqn kI sMgiq imil rhw drgh pweI mwnu ]
saudy vwhu vwhu aucrih auTdy BI vwhu kryin ]
nwnk qy muK aujly ij inq auiT sMmwlyin ] 1 ]
( pMnw 313 )

The preceeding Sabads specifically instruct the daily meditation of Naam and there is no mention of repetitive, ritual of reading scriptures.

Thus, it is the meditation of Naam which we should perform at all times - awakening, during the day, at night etc.

rwmklI mhlw 3 Andu < siqgur pRswid ]
hir rwis myrI mnu vxjwrw ] hir rwis myrI mnu vxjwrw siqgur qy rwis jwxI ] hir hir inq jiphu jIAhu lwhw Kithu idhwVI ] eyhu Dnu iqnw imilAw ijn hir Awpy Bwxw ] khY nwnku hir rwis myrI mnu hoAw vxjwrw ] 31 ]
( pMnw 921 )

] sloku m 4 ]
iehu mnUAw idRVu kir rKIAY gurmuiK lweIAY icqu ] ikau swis igrwis ivswrIAY bhidAw auTidAw inq ] mrx jIvx kI icMqw geI iehu jIAVw hir pRB vis ] ijau BwvY iqau rKu qU jn nwnk nwmu bKis ] 1 ]
( pMnw 314 )

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